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Cosmetic hose innovation structure modeling
- May 03, 2018 -

Adding compression zippers, "sliding" zippers, and even mouth suction are good for keeping the contents fresh and convenient for consumers.

Repeat seal after opening. Flexible packaging bags can easily add convenience or functional design elements, and this flexibility is changing and shadows.

The trend of soft packaging design.

Consumers are more comfortable with the convenience provided by the packaging bags, and the number of repeated purchases will increase, and brand loyalty will be in this one.

In the process of continuous improvement, many new and improved repeatable seal designs offer more options for the added value of soft packaging.

Suction nozzle form

Suction nozzle is a familiar packaging feature of consumers. Now, consumers are showing great interest in trying the new packaging.

As is known to all, this is very important for any new product or package promotion.

Now, more and more drinks, condiments, health care products, care products and many other products in the market are beginning to use soft packaging bags.

Packaging designers and marketers are also considering the use of the suction nozzle as part of packaging design and functional elements to attract more level of consumers.

The suction nozzle is now available in a variety of forms and structures, plus its unique seal design for anti-theft packaging and children's safety.

Whole packaging area.

Round rod packing form.

At present, a novel, elongated package has begun to pour into the north American market, which is also known as "round bar packaging". Because of this innovation.

The form of packaging provides more convenience to consumers, and also facilitates the positioning of new products with higher added value, thus obtaining various types.

Consumer goods companies favor.

One of the most innovative applications of round rod packaging is the single powder concentrated beverage packaging, which has caused quite a stir in the beverage industry.

Vibrations. This kind of product packaging is positioned as a convenient "grab-on-go" package, which can be used in any bottle.

Turn the water into a tasty drink.

Looking into the future, the innovation of packaging bags will become more and more extensive, and the packaging industry will be more abundant in packaging.

Sound salesmen also need constant innovation.