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Cosmetic hose market development characteristics
- May 03, 2018 -

1. Vigorously develop paper-based package printing.

The key development of low-gram heavy, high strength, light weight of high-grade cartons, folding carton, to the gift, color direction development. First of all, it's a fold

There will be a large development space for the paper products packed with paper boxes, followed by the application of multi-layer cardboard composite materials. Because the user is on paper.

The quality and performance requirements of the products are higher and higher, which leads to the trend of increasing the amount of multi-layer materials. Such as wine box and food box are mostly used.

2 ~ 3 layers of composite paperboard material, with paper as the base material (4 ~ 7 layers), in the barrier of high demand paper packaging (such as the beverage carton) field.

Will be used more and more widely.

2. Vigorously develop paper-plastic packaging.

Paper and plastics are the two most widely used materials in the packaging and printing industry, and will coexist for a long time. In food, medicine (Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have.

More than 6000, annual sales of 120 billion yuan), health products, dairy products, cosmetics, washing products and other fields, plastic soft packaging plays.

More and more important roles. At present, the development of the world plastic packaging products presents the following characteristics: the new polyester packaging is more promising; A new type of

Biodegradable plastics receive attention; Zero pollution of foamed plastics is taken seriously.

The development of domestic plastic packaging has the following aspects: improve the protection performance, prolong the shelf life of the high barrier packaging materials, such as high resistance.

The development and application of co-extruded composite film; The development and application of aseptic packaging material, antibacterial packing film and radiation resistant packaging film: applicable to electromagnetic.

Oven heating packaging materials; It is suitable for packaging materials such as grain and other agricultural products. Electromagnetic shielding composite film and so on.

; Roll paper and a sheet of paper gravure products, according to the market needs will have greater development.

3. The pollution-free green packaging is getting more and more attention from the society.

At present, China's packaging and printing enterprises are moving in a healthy and orderly direction.

About 20% to 30% of consumer goods in the U.S. market today are in the form of soft packaging. Promoting the expanding market share of soft packaging,

It is the progressiveness of block structure blocking performance and the flexographic effect of economic high quality. Among them, soft packaging in the trademark printing market share is huge, the market gold.

Glass containers are packed in soft packaging materials such as PET and other hard plastics. In the next 2-3 years, the standing pouch will be soft.

The most dynamic market in the industry.

The printing industry in the United States has made flexographic printing as the first choice for soft packaging, and the flexographic printing is chosen because of the overall size of small and medium printing.

The cost is less than the gravure. The factors that drive the development of soft packaging mainly include the following: the packaging of aluminum plastic composite film for food, cosmetics and medicine has become one.

Trend; The growth of disposable packaging; Consumer demand for home convenience foods is on the rise. American businesses are trying to attract potential consumers.

People who buy the same product take different forms of packaging. For example, tuna and dried cereals include aluminum, folding carton, and flexible packaging.

In a variety of forms, the printing volume is relatively small, making the flexible version more acceptable than the gravure.