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Cosmetic plastic hoses are emerging on cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging
- May 03, 2018 -

Plastic hose is convenient, economical and hygienic. It has become one of the main packaging varieties of cosmetics, medicine and food. Since the last 90 years.

In the beginning, China introduced a large number of advanced composite hose production equipment from Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan province. Multilayer, thin wall and.

Transparent plastic composite hose is the future development trend.

Whether it is cosmetics, medicine or food, the first thing to consider is sanitary performance, followed by mechanical strength, barrier properties and printing.

Brush adaptability and chemical resistance. Of course, economy and ease of use must also be considered.

Compared with other products, cosmetic packaging requires high resistance to water and oxygen resistance. On the one hand, the saturated fat may contain mildew and yeast.

It produces fat oxidation, fat hydrolysis, oxidized fatty acids and glycerides. Therefore, increase the moisture in the oil, on the one hand will cause the oil.

The hydrolysis, on the other hand, accelerates the automatic oxidation reaction, provides the living environment of microorganisms, and reduces the vitality of certain antioxidants such as polyamines. On the other

In addition, some powdery products should prevent the absorption of moisture, resulting in clumping and hardening, etc., so many cosmetics packaging needs to block the entry of water.

On the other hand, some water-containing products are used to clean the skin, so they must be kept in a certain moisture content for a certain period of time, so, again.

The water must be stopped from escaping. Oxygen is the leading cause of acid failure in cosmetics. Most cosmetics contain fat. The unsaturated bond in oil.

It is easy to oxidize and cause deterioration. As long as a small portion of the unsaturated fat begins to oxidize, it causes a complete acid failure of the oil.

And the quality of the product goes down. Therefore, in the process of production, storage and use of cosmetics, we should try to avoid the occurrence of oil and acid failure and prevent oxygen.

To enter.

Taken together, plastic hoses have the advantage of being unmatched by other materials, so they have been shown on cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging since their introduction.

Tau kok. At present, it has become an indispensable packaging form for cosmetics and medicine.

The plastic hose can be divided into single layer hose and multi-layer hose according to the material classification. Single layer hose including metal hose and plastic extruded hose; Multilayer hose

Including aluminum plastic composite hose, plastic composite hose and plastic co-extrusion hose.

According to the classification of processing technology, plastic hose can be divided into seamless tube and tube.

The development of Chinese plastic hose is very fast, and there is a composite soft that is represented by enterprises such as shenzhen petrochemical lixing and Shanghai sanying packaging material co., LTD.

Pipe production enterprises. The shenzhen petrochemical company has produced 5 layers of composite plastic hose since 1992, which is the first production enterprise in China to produce 5 layers of composite hose industry.

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