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Functional requirements of cosmetic hose
- May 03, 2018 -

Cosmetics hoses often represent fashion, avant-garde or fashion, so the protective, functional and decorative aspects of cosmetic hose packaging are combined.

Almost equally important. Cosmetic hose packaging has also been the most active market, not only product update fast, design vanguard, and.

The level of processing and production is very high.

Cosmetic hose packaging first requires that no chemical or biological reaction occur with the contents; Secondly, it is convenient to use and the packing is usually required.

It has the function of secondary sealing, it should be durable; Another is to have a good marketing role. The decorative requirement of packing is very high.

It's very delicate. Many high-end cosmetics, the cost of packaging is even higher than the product itself.

The most common packaging of cosmetic hoses includes: glass bottles, plastic bottles, composite plastic bags, plastic hoses, etc. The paper box is commonly used for middle and high gear.

The outer packing of cosmetics. Traditional, low-priced skin care products mostly use compound plastic bags, plastic hoses and plastic bottles, while high-end products are more.

Prefer glass bottles. In recent years, with the continuous appearance of various new plastic materials and the development and maturation of plastic composite technology, various kinds of plastics.

Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in the field of high-end cosmetic packaging. A variety of composite hose is one of the important packaging forms.