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Introduction of cosmetic hose packaging
- May 03, 2018 -

There is no doubt that the primary function of the cosmetic hose is to protect the content. The ingredients of cosmetics add to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

Quality, such as glycerin, protein, etc., and cosmetics are contaminated by microorganisms, namely, deodorization, metamorphism and mildew, product quality decline, water and oxygen are.

Factors affecting microbial growth. Most cosmetics contain oils and fats, and the unsaturated bonds in fats are easy to oxidize and cause deterioration (acid failure).

And this oxidation is a chain reaction, and as long as a small part of it starts to oxidize, it causes a complete deterioration of the oil, and produces peroxides,

Acids, aldehydes, and other substances that irritate the skin, and give off the stink of acid. Oxygen is the most important external cause of acid failure, without oxygen.

Raw oxidation leads to acid failure, and the increase of moisture can also cause the hydrolysis of oil and accelerate the automatic oxidation reaction, and the moisture will be provided to the microorganisms.

Living environment and reducing the vitality of certain antioxidants. The preservation of aromatic gas is the focus of cosmetic packaging, for some cosmetics, it.

The aromatic gas itself is the real "product", and if the aromatic gas is lost, the "product" that is actually sold disappears. so

For cosmetics, the prevention of odor loss is of great significance.

It can be seen that antisepsis, anti-oxygen and the prevention of odor loss are the key points of cosmetics preservation, and the following detection is needed for cosmetic packaging: gas permeation.

The speed of the packing material, the gas content inside the package, and whether the packing is in good condition, that is, the barrier of the packaging material and the top air inside the package.

Body analysis and sealing of packaging materials.