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What is the color of the tail of the cosmetic tube
- May 03, 2018 -

To choose cosmetics, consider the following two aspects:

The quality of cosmetics.

First of all, the most important thing to choose cosmetics is to see whether the quality is guaranteed. Generally speaking, choose a famous factory, famous brand cosmetics is better, because of the name.

The equipment of the factory is good, the product standard is high, the quality has the assurance, and the famous brand product is generally also the product that trust, use it is safe. Can't buy

There are no manufacturers and cosmetics with no logo. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to whether the products have the inspection certificate and production license, in case of fake. Also note that

The production date of cosmetics, general paste, cream, honey products as far as possible to buy one year.

Secondly, learn to recognize the quality of cosmetics.

From the appearance: good cosmetics should be bright and elegant. If the color is dark and murky and different, then explain.

There's something wrong with the quality. If the appearance is turbid, oily water separates or appear flocculate, the paste dry shrinkage has crack, can not use.

From the smell: the smell of cosmetics is elegant, some strong, but all very pure. If it smells like a pungent odor, say.

Ming is a bad or bad product.

It is recognized from the sense that a few cosmetics are gently applied to the skin, and if it can adhere to the skin evenly, it is smooth and comfortable.

Feel, is the cosmetics of fine quality. If the smear has a rough, sticky feel, even the skin is itchy, dry, it is inferior cosmetics.

2. Personal and environmental factors choose cosmetics, besides the quality of cosmetics, users and environmental factors should also be taken into account.

According to skin type: people with oily skin, should use clean type lotion skin care products; The person of dry skin, should use rich nutrition.

Skin care products; People with neutral skin should use mild skin care products.

According to age and sex: children skin young, sebum secretion less, must use children's special skin care products; Old people skin atrophy, dry again.

Thin, should choose oil content, moisturizing factor and vitamin E and other components of skin care products; Men should choose their own skin care products.

According to skin color: choose lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, nail polish and other cosmetics, must be in harmony with the skin tone of oneself. fair-skinned

The person, should choose to have the cosmetics with the action of sun protection.

According to the season: different seasons, the use of cosmetics is also different. In cold season, it is appropriate to choose the cosmetics that moistens and moisturizes.

, and in summer, it is appropriate to choose latex or powder cosmetics.