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Cosmetic Bottle, Cover, Tube And Tank Appearance Requirements.
- May 03, 2018 -

1. Cosmetic bottles (including plastic bottles and glass bottles)

(1) the bottle body of the cosmetics is complete, smooth and smooth, and the thickness is basically even, and there shall be no cold explosion or crack, no obvious scars or deformation.

(2) the cosmetic bottle mouth is regular and smooth, and no burr (muzzle) is allowed.

(3) clean inside and outside the cosmetic bottle.

(4) the cosmetic bottle and the cosmetic bottle cap cooperate strictly without sliding teeth, looseness and leakage.

2. Cosmetic bottle cap (including outer cover, inner cover (plug, pad))

(1) inside

Complete, smooth, no deformation, clean, no dust, oil, etc.

It is well matched with cosmetic bottles and cosmetic bottle caps.

(2) the cover

It is regular and smooth, with no breakage, crack, burr (muzzle) and bursting, uniform color, no color change, consistent with standard sample.

The thread and other mating structures are intact.

It should be uniform and complete with anodized aluminum or bronzing. The color is consistent with the standard sample.

The cover flap is flexible.

The cosmetics bottle cap and the cosmetic bottle are tightly coupled, no slip teeth, loose, leakage and so on.

3, hose

(1) the tube is smooth, clean and uniform, without obvious scratches, and the color is consistent with the standard sample.

(2) the seal should be firm, no opening, wrinkling, etc.

(3) the bottle cap shall meet the requirements of 2.2.

4. Spray tank

(1) the tank is smooth, without rust, and the weld is smooth. The main parts are not scratched, and the color is uniform, which is consistent with the standard sample.

(2) the roll is smooth and must not be cracked or deformed.

(3) bottle cap shall meet 2.2 requirements.