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Cosmetic Hose Printing Technique
- May 03, 2018 -

The flexible tube printing is in metal hose (tin lead alloy, camper, etc.), laminated hose, plastic hose, etc.

The method of printing.

Metal cosmetics hoses are printed by using indirect rubber rollers to roll the print.

Currently used in the domestic toothpaste tube printing is to use the assembly line production, the tin, lead raw material 8 input into the entrance, through the hose, the car thread,

Base color, print, bake, lock cover and filling seal to finish.

The printing plate used for cosmetic hose printing is usually copper, because the copper plate has a higher resistance to printing, and the printing method is similar to that of ordinary copper and zinc plate.

The same.

The cosmetic hose printing machine is mainly composed of printing plate cylinder, rubber drum, tube roller plate, conveying mechanism, ink and so on.

Cosmetic hose printing because the substrate is nonferrous metal, it must be printed on the surface of the tube before printing a white ink or other bottom.

The color of the ink on the bottom) before the official printing of the text, printing after the base color needs to make the ink fast drying. You can print the next few colors, so.

The printed color is dried and reprinted by infrared drying device, as shown in FIG. 6-12. It is not like the traditional printing of the printing press.

On the paper of Jane, it is printed on three printing plates, which are printed on the rubber sleeve (because the printing is in the field so the overprint is not.

Overlap), and then transfer the trichrome ink to the hose on the press roller. Embossing roller on the press roller, sleeve has a hose, but not itself.

Rotation, only after the rubber roll from the contact, can be with the rubber roller to make the same as the first line of rotation, the imprint of the drum disk diameter and rubber drum diameter is the same.

, but different operation, rubber roller turn a week and embossing roller plate turn 90 °, complete a hose printing.

After a week's rotation of the cosmetic tube, it is removed from the rubber drum, and the printing of the hoses is finished, followed by infrared radiation to make it.

Rapid drying and increasing the brightness of the imprinting.

Toothpaste tube, hose shoe polish and medical ointment hose are printed in this way.

Metal hose printing ink, in addition to the heat, light resistance, also because the hose in use will encounter extrusion and twists, also often encountered.

To water and humidity, so ink should be able to meet the above conditions. The material in the hose is different, and the ink must be able to resist the erosion of these substances.

Laminated hoses are the respective advantages of the two substances, mounted on a synthetic hose, which has the advantage of both of them, such as aluminum foil and plastic film.

Laminated hose, it has the advantage of resistance to wet and weathering, can be printed first and then laminated, making the picture in the plastic film layer, the appearance is very beautiful, at the same time.

It can also be processed after printing and changed the method of printing on the surface after forming, so that the plastic printing can be used in the photogravure mode.

Combine and form into a laminated hose.

Cosmetic hose tube printing due to the poor adhesion of plastic ink, it needs to be processed before printing. Hot pressure transfer is adopted abroad.

On the transfer paper (i.e., coated kraft paper), the color sequence is the reverse order of color printing, and then coated on the printing surface.

Under heat treatment, the adhesive material can be produced, and then the transfer paper and surface contact with the printed image will be transferred under hot pressure.