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Design Considerations Before Package Printing
- May 03, 2018 -

There are a lot of notable details in the pre-press design process of soft packaging, and we will focus on the details of fine text and line design.

(1) small text and line should be designed as a single package to avoid multi-color overprinting. The width of the fine line should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise it will be printed.

It is easy to lose or draw. The net height of Chinese font is not less than 1.8mm, and the net height of English font is not less than 1.5mm.

(2) the anti-white text should pay special attention to the design, if the text is small, especially when the strokes are thinner, use monochrome. The choice of fonts.

It should be noted that the round head body, black body, etc. Is a better choice, while the song body, the old song body (horizontal and vertical thick), and other strokes are too different.

Use caution. If you use this font at design time, you should pay attention to the net height of Chinese font not less than 2.5mm, and the net height of English font is not small.

In 2 mm.

The reason:

(1) compared with the printing ink, the ink is too sticky.

(2) the printing ink is fixed slowly and the ink is large.

(3) the color intensity balance of four-color ink is not appropriate.

Processing method:

(1) the viscous and high ink is printed first, and the viscous and low ink is printed. The ideal viscosity requirement should be according to the printing color.

The sequence is decreasing.

(2) the printing ink is fixed fast, and the concentration is very thin.

(3) any set of wet multicolor overprinting ink that has a balance of the color intensity can be used in the same amount to ink, if not.

When printing with the same set of ink, it should be properly handled when used.