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Eco-friendly Plastic Material For New Choice Of Cosmetic Packaging
- Jan 25, 2019 -

There is a trend that you could not over look is recycled material for the packaging.As you may know, some big brand is intending to choose eco-friendly material made packaging to their products.Because they have responsibility for  society and lead the trend to emphasis on the importance to protect our environmental. Green plant & Blue Sea all need us to stand up. 

Compared to many other plastics, eco-friendly material has a significantly better eco-balance. The recyclability of eco-friendly material means that packaging waste is reduced and the volume of waste incineration decreases. The raw materials consumption in production is lower than with many other plastics. Recycling eco-friendly material leads to a 60% energy savings – compared to the energy requirements for producing new plastics.


Furthermore, eco-friendly material has excellent chemical and physical resistant. Also, it could do heavy wall bottle which looks like glass but not easy to break. Suitable for easy traveling.
Eco-friendly plastic Material for New Choice of Cosmetic Packaging