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Fire Safety Drill Report
- Jan 08, 2019 -

In order to strengthen the company's daily safety work, improve the quality of fire safety, safety and self-rescue ability, we will hold every year "safety development, prevention" as the theme of fire emergency safety drill activities.Leaders of relevant departments and all employees of the company participated in the drill. 

Before the drill, the production department and the administration department of the company, combined with the company's actual conditions, carefully formulated the drill activity plan, made clear the responsibility requirements, and provided a practical guarantee for the success of the drill. 

The main contents of drill training include:

1. Explain the fire fighting method in case of fire accident;

2. Reported the arrangement of the company's fire-fighting facilities;

3. Demonstrated and explained the use and function of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire escape masks on site, and organized practical operation;

4. Explain emergency evacuation and escape methods in case of fire and conduct on-site drills.

Learn rescue knowledge, including self-help and emergency treatment of others.

The practice led by the department for safety, security captain as a narrator, first narrator for fire control safety knowledge training for employees, from daily fire safety work, to the use of the fire fighting equipment, the explanation and demonstration for you one by one, added some employees lack the necessary knowledge on fire control safety, play a good effect. 

In training content, can pass the fire drill, further strengthened the company employees' safety consciousness, test the feasibility of fire plan, maneuverability, familiar with the emergency inspection process, the emergency command, coordination and disposal ability play a powerful role in promoting, high efficiency, in order to carry out emergency work for the future laid a solid foundation.