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The Development Of Cosmetic Hose In China
- May 03, 2018 -

The cosmetic hose has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, small water loss and convenient installation. It is favored by the pipeline engineering community, and is also due to the change.

Compared with the traditional cosmetics hose, the cosmetics hose has less energy consumption (generally less than 1:4), and the environmental pollution is small, which is increasingly affected by the government and related.

The attention of the department.

In foreign countries, cosmetics hoses constantly substitute for metal or other traditional materials and develop very quickly. From 1980 to 1990.

In addition to the plastic tube, the growth rate of all other materials is less than 2%, but the growth rate of the plastic tube is the total growth rate of other tubes.

Four times as many, eight percent, and the demand for plastic tubes in the 90's is still 4. The rate of growth of 2% is about 8% a year.

The increment.

Since the 1970s, our country began to manufacture cosmetics hoses. In the early 1980s, we began to promote the application in engineering construction. For nearly two decades, cosmetics.

The hose has developed greatly, not only in quantity but also in variety and specification. By the end of 1999, national cosmetics.

The hose production line has about 2000 pieces, including about 15% of the imported equipment. In 1999, the production capacity of various plastic pipes in China reached 1.65 million tons.

The output is about one million tons. Among them, PVC-U pipe is 500,000 tons, accounting for 50%; PE pipe is 360,000 tons, accounting for 36%. In recent years, as construction has become a nation.

With the rapid development of the important pillar industry and the housing industry, the construction of indoor plastic pipe has become a hot topic.

The development of cosmetic hose is mainly based on UPVC pipe and PE tube, and develops new type compound and modified cosmetics hose. In 2010,

The main products of the cosmetics hose should meet the market requirements, the market products are complete, the quality, class and supporting level are obviously improved, and the overall level is connected.

Near international advanced level. In the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, 80% of the building drainage pipes are made of plastic pipes. Building water supply and hot water supply.

Plastic pipes are used in 80% of heating pipes; 90% of the electric wire protection sleeve adopts plastic pipe; Plastic pipes are used for 70% of the building rainwater drainage pipes; City water supply pipe

70% use plastic pipes and 70% of the water supply pipes in villages and towns adopt plastic pipes. Plastic pipes are used for 50% of urban drainage pipes; Urban gas pipe

The channel (medium and low pressure pipeline) 60% use plastic pipe.