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The Growth Rate Of Chinese Skin Care Brands Far Exceeds That Of Europe, America, Japan And South Korea
- Jan 02, 2019 -

In the past two years, Chinese local skin care brands have developed rapidly.Nielsen recently released a report on the development trend of cosmetics retail in China in 2018 in an industry BBS. It shows that the development of Chinese local skincare brands has entered a "fast track", with the market growth rate far exceeding that of European, American, Japanese and Korean brands.The main reason is that local brands are responding more effectively to subtle changes in Chinese consumer demand.In the future, if local brands can maintain this sensitivity to changes in consumer demand, they will undoubtedly win a broader space in the fashion industry.European and American brands have stepped down from the altar.

In addition, according to the discussion and research on skincare products on social media, Chinese consumers pay high attention to skincare brands, and the investment return of enterprises on brand building is higher than the price and product publicity.

According to the above changes in consumer demand, tang dong proposed three key points for the future development of cosmetic brands: product functional diversity;Brand positioning differentiation;Channel diversity and efficient development