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The Market Development Of The Expanded Soft Packaging
- May 03, 2018 -

A sealing cap on a soldered soft package will enable the packaging to have the advantage of both bottles and bags. There are three main types of packaging:

1) welding is at the Angle of bevel, which is the most popular way in the European market. It is convenient to dump, good for filling, and good shelf placement.

It is generally used for supplementary packaging of over 300 ml.

2) welding at the top, popular in Japan, generally used for small packages of less than 100ml.

3) welding on the plane is very common in the United States. It is mainly used for industrial packaging of large capacity (1 gallon to dozens of gallons).

And cartons.

According to the function, the packaging can be divided into supplementary and final packaging. Supplementary loading refers to: bottle class.

The packaging is to use the packaging as a second or multiple supplementary content package. Final packaging refers to: no other use.

The packaging is the packaging that the consumer finally USES.

For China's inland market, the third kind is mainly used for industrial products, while the technology and concept renewal of industrial enterprises in China still need a paragraph.

Time, so there is no obvious market development in the short term; But the first two kinds of packaging are already in the market due to the efforts of several large companies.

There is a good performance on the field, I believe that with the improvement of domestic bag welding technology, there will be great market potential.