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What Is The Difference Between PP, PC And PE
- Dec 27, 2018 -

PP polypropylene is a monomer of propylene polymer, low density is the smallest commonly used plastic, non-toxic tasteless,

Strength, hardness, rigidity and heat resistance are better than PE.Shortcoming is low temperature has brittleness, not wear-resisting use temperature

80-- 100 degrees, excellent electrical performance, almost no water absorption, no moisture effect.Generally used for making

Corrosion resistant coating, plastic cover and home appliance parts.

PC polycarbonate is a comprehensive performance of excellent, outstanding impact strength and creep resistance, is thermoplastic

The best of plastics.Can be used in temperature -60- 120 degrees for a long time, excellent electrical performance, size stability

Good qualitative.It is generally used to make instrument parts, shock resistant parts, transparent parts, insulation parts and so on.

PE polyethylene is monomer ethylene polymerization, according to the manufacturing method of low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure three products

Non-toxic tasteless, wide use, use temperature -70- 100 degrees, good cold resistance.Generally used for making

Wear - resistant and corrosion - resistant coating, general mechanical parts and film, etc.